Reasons New Rappers Fail…

The purpose of this article is to help new rappers avoid some common problems

that they may encounter on their journey to becoming a better rapper. There could

be a million reasons why new rappers fail, a million reasons why any artist fails, but

for the purposes of this article we’ve kept the list short and came up with three major

difficulties that can affect new Emcees….[Read More]


How To Stand Out As A Rapper…

With the rise of the internet we have never been closer to being a truly global community,

and with that comes opportunities, especially in the music industry. Making your way to

the top on your own without a big record label has never been easier or more feasible, but

the problem is that this is true for everyone. Anyone with access to the internet and the right

equipment can put music out there, and this music overwhelms people daily. So the problem

is how to stand out as a rapper, or any other kind of musician trying to make it big….[Read More]


How To Choose the Right Beat For Your Song…

All rap artists need to understand how to choose the right beat when creating their rap song.

Literally thousands of different beats exist out there, so how does a rapper choose the best beat

that will make his song sound awesome….[Read More]


Free Ways To Promote Your Songs…

If you want to get your name recognized as a rapper, you need to promote yourself.

Promotion is more than likely the most important step to becoming a well-known

rap artist, second to the music itself. Many rappers new to the game sit and wait for

a record label or executive to find them and push them into fame. Waiting to be

discovered can be a big mistake. Just like some lyrics point out, this is not a perfect

world, so don’t wait for the magic to happen. You have to be proactive and focus on

your own promotion to get exposure before the labels come calling….[Read More]