Free Ways To Promote Your Songs

Free Ways To Promote Your Songs

If you want to get your name recognized as a rapper, you need to promote yourself.

Promotion is more than likely the most important step to becoming a well-known

rap artist, second to the music itself. Many rappers new to the game sit and wait for

a record label or executive to find them and push them into fame. Waiting to be

discovered can be a big mistake. Just like some lyrics point out, this is not a perfect

world, so don’t wait for the magic to happen. You have to be proactive and focus on

your own promotion to get exposure before the labels come calling.


Promotion takes as much work as writing and recording the song. In this article, you will explore FREE online avenues to help promote your songs without a label or promoter.


Free Ways To Promote Your Songs


1) Viral Videos

YouTube is an immense marketing tool at your disposal. It’s a great outlet to express

yourself creatively and build a fan base. Videos that go viral on this service can receive

millions and millions of views. YouTube is currently the second most searched website

on the Web, right after Google. Remember that Google owns YouTube, so it’s basically

#1 and #2. Either way, if you want to make it in the rap industry, you need to upload

your songs to this streaming community. You can also post videos of just about anything

else you want to help promote your music. Make at least one upload each week to get a

growing fanbase.


2) Connect to Fans on Facebook

Everybody uses Facebook. For some Internet users, this site is the only one they visit in

any given day. People take it with them everywhere they go and access new information

uploaded to the site every day. As an up-and-coming rapper, a Facebook fan page is a must.

Give users freebies, such as free downloads for likes and comments. People love a freebie,

so this will literally boost your Facebook fan base. Make sure to be active on the page and

post often, but be sure not to overload people with your self promotion. If they block your

posts, they’ll never see another one of your latest tracks. Post news and articles that are

relevant to your music and your craft. Be smart and market yourself as somebody people

want to listen to. They’ll be happy they met you after you get more famous.

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3) Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

It is more than just a sound that a bird makes. Tweets will earn you another valuable medium

to connect with your fans. Again, give people gifts based on interaction to inspire them to

subscribe to your Twitter page. Random promotions and giveaways are a great way to boost

your user base and increase your Web presence. The commercial post rule on Facebook

applies here as well. Be sure and post daily. Experts advise a minimum 10 tweets per day with

one promotional message every 100-200 tweets.


4) E-mails Aren’t Dead Yet

Use your YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to get fans to subscribe to an email list.

Send out two or three messages each week, updating them with news and events related to

your music to keep the word out. Interact directly with fans and give away free concert tickets

or album downloads. Remember to put out things important to your fans, keep the e-mails

tailored to them.

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5) Online Forums

Don’t be afraid to get involved with forums. Find the most frequented hip-hop forums and

interact with the user base. This is your craft and you may have a lot to say. Get involved!

Provide the link to your Facebook page in your signature and mention any free giveaways

you may have. Find the topics that have the most active discussions and post about five times

each day. You are advertising your music while talking about the things that drives you to create.

This is a free and easy way to promote yourself and your music.


6) Don’t Stop There

There are an assortment of band and music pages all across the web. Find them all and create

a page for your music. Put your tracks on every medium you can find. You want your name to

come up in search engines, and you want your music to have the most possible listeners. You

can implement these tips to get yourself the exposure you need to boost your rap career.

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Keep at it and don’t give up. The game seems closed until you burst your way in, and the more

you expose your music to the world, the more likely that day will soon come. However, there is

no supplement for quality. If you’ve applied this advice to your Internet promotion and still have

not developed a strong user base, then you need to look at the passion and conviction that you

put into your music. Promotion won’t improve the sound of your music. You need to be sure you

are putting the best product on the market that you can. Find a good producer and develop your

own style. Use beats that people will want to hear again and again.

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