How To Choose The Right Beat


How To Choose The Right Beat


All rap artists need to understand how to choose the right beat when creating their rap song. Literally thousands of different beats exist out there, so how does a rapper choose the best beat that will make his song sound awesome.

How does a rapper process which beats might work and which beats will not work.


How To Choose The Right Beat


Experienced rappers who have been in the music game for a long time

have created their own system of choosing what beat or rhythm is the

right one for their song. They have listened to many different

instrumentals over time, and an experienced musician or rapper will

tell you that something about the beat, the rhythm or a particular

instrument just speaks to them. A musician knows exactly what this

statement means, however someone with very little musical experience

may not understand exactly what this means at all.


This is all very well, but not all musicians are on the same level musically, some have been in the game for years and others are just starting out. Therefore an inexperienced rapper might not know a good beat for his or her song when they hear it.


This article has been written with the beginner in mind, once you have read the information here, you should have a better idea of how to go about choosing a beat for your song.

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This article aims to show the beginner:

1… Actual methods for choosing rap beats
2… How to distinguish between different types of instrumentals


     *****Actual Methods for Choosing Rap Beats*****


When choosing your rap beat, there are two main methods. The first one is:

The concept of your song and the instrumental element*

When you first get an idea for a rap song, this is where you should be

thinking about the kind of beat you would like it to have. Think about

what the song is about and also consider what you want to say in your

song, are you singing about something specific. Perhaps your song is

about the bad day you just had or how your girl upset you.


So in using the first method, you need to decide what the concept is, i.e

what your song is about and then hunt down the instrumental which

matches the emotion of your song and what you are trying to say.

You are trying to capture the meaning of the song as a separate entity,

and also portray the feelings and emotions within the song. So once

you have figured out the emotions, you look for an instrumental that

gives the song the emotions you are trying to portray.

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The second method of choosing a beat that some rappers like to use is:

They go through the catalog and wait for a beat that speaks to them*

Not all rappers are trying to say something specific with their music.

Many rappers just go with the flow and what they create in the process

is how the song is made. If you are like these rappers who are not

necessarily trying to impart a message, then the second method is for you.

Go through the catalog and listen until you hear the beat that resonates

with you musically and emotionally. When you hear the beat that is right

for you, you will know instantly. This is not something that can be explained

in words, but you will feel it the second you hear it.


What Does It Mean to Pick The Right One?

If you are in the process of going through a catalog, at the same time you are

feeling something, you are experiencing some kind of emotional feeling.

You will eventually select a beat that is the same as what you are currently

feeling, you will pick this beat simply because it is speaking to you. You might

be feeling a whole range of things, but the beat you select will be the one that

best represents what you are feeling at the time. If the beat that you have

chosen invokes the emotions you were feeling, then you have chosen the right one.


     *****How To Differentiate Between Different Instrumentals*****


Some musicians don’t know a lot about the concept of emotion in music.

Therefore it is difficult to figure out which beat is right for their song.


It is pretty obvious when we are hearing music that is mellow or music that is

aggressive because these styles are the opposite of each other. When an aggressive

piece of music also has a humorous or strange tone to it or a beat that has a

serious feel, a beginning rapper might find it difficult to distinguish the differences

and feel the emotions that this same beat might invoke in other rappers with more experience.


The best and simplest way to distinguish the emotions of the beat is to take into

account the instruments being used. When you think of each instrument as a

separate person, with all of their own characteristics, it becomes easier to feel the

emotion. Perhaps the sound of a flute gives you a sense of peace, or the sound of

the guitar could make you imagine someone young and spirited, with a recklessness

about them. The best way to become experienced at this is to listen to as many

instrumental pieces as you can. Go through each piece of music and try to identify

the emotion within that piece of music.

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Why You Should Do This?

Once you can feel what a certain instrument is really saying, you will know whether

the beat you have chosen is appropriate for what you are trying to say with your song.

You will also have a better idea of what instruments will fit with the emotions your song

is portraying. You need to know what you are looking for before you venture out there

to find it. You might have decided to have a custom beat designed for you, or you could

be searching the Internet for the right beat for your song. You need to be clear on what

it is you want or the message you want your song to impart will not be clear. The most

important element in any song is what the artist is trying to tell his or her listeners.

Good luck & have fun looking for the right beat to your next song!!

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